Rocking Chair Worriers

by Sr. Juliemarie McDonald, SND on 02/27/2014

in Ordinary Time

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time–Cycle A
March 2, 2014

“Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.”
(Matthew 6:34a)

Rocking Chair Worriers

Sometimes we sit in a rocking chair
rocking back and forth, back and forth.
Maybe minds are rocking chairs,
back and forth worrying,
past and future,
ancient ages or futuristic fantasies,
worrying, worrying.

Where does it get them? Nowhere!
What are they missing? The present!

Missing miracles, beautiful sunsets,
birds of the air and flowers of the field.
Worrying only doubles troubles.

Is worrying a disease of the mind,
one of the heart, too?
Does the heart need a surgery
to cure the lack of trust or hope?
Perhaps the disease is caused by control gone astray,
or fear of failure or risk.

Get off your duff; try making  the rocking chair a rocket!
Let it hurl you into the present day filled with real life–
Real joys and sorrows, life and death, beauty and decay.
Surrender to trust and hope.
Believe in the words of Jesus, who takes care of the birds of the air
and the flowers of the field.
Trust that the God of heaven and earth will always be good to you
and those you love.
He is a caring and provident God. Don’t worry!

For Reflection and Sharing:

  1. What makes you worry?
  2. When has God been caring and provident to you?
  3. Who comes into your life when you have a “heart attack of worrying”?
  4. What kind of reactions show when you lack hope and trust?
  5. Why do relationships suffer and break when we worry?
  6. How real is your view of life?

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Kathleen Tobin February 27, 2014 at 8:44 pm

Dear Sister Juliemarie,
You said a lot in this one little poem.Looking at all the categories where we can find this poem, I find them quite inclusive in human experience and one’s relationship with God and others. Yes, I am in need of less worry and planning and more trust and awareness of the present. Thank you for another reflective poem.
Sister Kathleen


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