Arm-chair Coaches

by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald. SND on 10/08/2015

in Ordinary Time

Twenty-Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Wisdom—“…all good things together came to me in her company, and countless riches at her hands.” (Wis 7: 11)

Arm-chair Coaches 

Sports announcers and TV arm chair coaches have the advantage of seeing the whole picture. I see a real resemblance to Wisdom Coaches. We depend upon Wisdom figures to:
✔ guide
✔ teach
✔ befriend
✔ support

Unfortunately, in this age of Media, we turn to TV coaches. We write to Dear Abby, join Oprah’s book club, and allow gurus to support us in our everyday challenges. Wisdom is not being clever. Nor is it technical know how. In fact it isn’t just information.

Wisdom Is

“the art of living a balanced, just, compassionate and humane life centered on spiritual principles.” (Fr. Lewis) It is a gift of God to be prayed for frequently when we need guidance.


When we reflect upon the Word of God, we experience its force and power. It upsets us, challenges us, and transforms us. The rich young man in the Gospel chooses to walk away from this forceful language and returns to cling to his riches. This would not be a problem for me. “I am not rich!” There are many kinds of riches that we cling to with a fierceness.


Wisely, think about these: control, pleasure, MY opinions, addictions, and you personally, fill in the blanks. Is Jesus calling you to relinquish every thing and follow him? Whoa! Too much of a challenge for me! Remember God’s words, “I will always be with you.” Believe that with God, all things are possible.


For Reflection and Sharing:

  1. What would you say is Wisdom’s greatest value?
  2. Why are cleverness, quick and easy answers not true Wisdom answers?
  3. How do you manage to get the whole picture of an issue?
  4. What is the best way to attack the challenges of your “riches”?
  5. How would you feel if someone would call you a wisdom person?
  6. Who looks to you for wisdom?


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