Forerunner and Messiah

by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald, SND. on 12/15/2015

in Advent

Fourth of Advent — Cycle C

December 20, 2015

“Mary remained with her (Elizabeth) about three months and then returned to her home.” (Lk 1: 56)

Forerunner and Messiah

Virgin Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth.

I imagine she might be checking out the angel’s message; however it’s more likely

She goes in love and service to her elderly cousin Elizabeth.

In what way would you like to imitate Mary?

Think what service God might be calling you to this


Think, too, what joy you might be to another by your surprise visit.

Imagine with me, how surprised Mary was at Elizabeth’s greeting.

The sound of your voice made my child leap for joy at your coming.”

I wonder what the Forerunner and the Messiah said to each other to cause such joy!

Only heaven will reveal my wondering. I will be content for

Now to experience my own soul’s leaping when I receive the Messiah! 


For Reflection and Sharing:

  1. What do you appreciate most about our Blessed Mother Mary?
  2. How would you most like to be like Mary?
  3. What truths do you notice about God surrounding these pregnancies?
  4. What truths do you notice about Mother Mary?
  5. How would you describe the most outstanding virtue of Mary?
  6. Why is it so difficult to say our fiat to God’s will?
  7. How often do you find yourself doing your will, not God’s will?

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