Actions Speak!

by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald, SND. on 12/16/2016

in Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent

“Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?”

Actions Speak

Do you remember Emily’s poem “I’m nobody. Who are you? Are you nobody too? The question, “Who am I?” and “Who are you?” sometimes runs through our minds. John the Baptist sends his disciples to ask Jesus, “Who are you?””Are you the one who is to come,
or should we look for another?”

Would you dare to answer the question as Jesus did?
“Go tell John what you hear and see:”

If someone followed you for one day, what would this person hear and see?
…at the breakfast table,
…on your way to work,
…at the water cooler,
…on the phone,
…at your computer or
… on your work bench?

If after work they accompanied you home, what sounds and sights would they observe?
…with your wife,
…with children,
…with your neighbors or
…when you are out cutting the grass,
…When you pick up your mail?

How like Jesus would you be? What did the people see Jesus doing? What did the people hear?


For Reflection and Sharing:

Since there are so many questions and events in this prayer poem, as you reflect-take time to go slowly through your day and answer these questions.


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