Be Blessed-Ready the Way

by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald, SND. on 12/09/2016

in Advent

Third Sunday of Advent

“Go and tell John what you hear and see; the blind regain their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the poor have the good new proclaimed to them.” [Mt 11:3-5]

Be Blessed-Ready the Way

Ready the way by actions and word.
Ready the way for the coming of the Lord. Wait, watch, see and hear.
The Lord is coming; he is very near.
Have no fear.
Be like the seer
Watch, wait and imitate
The Lord is near.
How shall we know if he is “the one who is to come?” “Should we look for another?”
How shall we be blessed?

Blessed are they who help the spiritually blind to see.
Blessed are they who teach the lame to walk with Jesus.
Blessed are they who are unafraid to minister to those marred by the leprosy of sin.
Blessed are they who help the deafto inward listening and pondering.
Blessed are they whose words and actions bring hope to those dead in depression.
Blessed are those who tirelessly preach the poor the good news of Jesus’ teachings.

Go, be blessed and ready the way.


For Reflection and Sharing:

  1. Why might your actions preach better  than words?
  2. Why is “hear and see” a good motto in life?
  3. When is it the easiest to show forth  the image of Jesus?
  4. What is needed in your life to be “Lighthouses”  in today’s culture?
  5. Why do you think the Baptist told his followers to ask, “Are you the One?”

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