Dancing into a New Year

by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald, SND. on 12/30/2016

in Feasts Celebrated on Sunday

New Years Day

Dancing into the New Year

It is time to make and break those New Year’s Resolutions. For the life of me, I could not create a poem and this reflection has come from ruminating about the lessons we can learn from a construction company at work. It was blizzard-like weather outside, yet a team of five large earth movers were creating mountains out of mole hills. Each of the men maneuvered their huge trucks as if they were ballerinas putting on a dance. As i kept watching the show, more thoughts of lessons we can make so that our lives worthy of of this dance.

Each driver was given a goal. The peaceful way they were performing the task shows a person satisfied with their part in the show. They were patient, waiting to take the stage, It seems each had a focus on their own goal. No one here was parleying to get a better place in the spotlight. The main truck gouged out just enough dirt to fill the dump truck with top soil. The driver did’t bargain to get more dirt so the team could go home early. A second driver patiently waited its turn, not blowing his horn in road rage.

Systematically, this routine of gathering dirt continued to build a mountain. A third driver was at the dump spot, rolling up and down the man-made mountain smoothing and packing the dirt. Up and down, he did his monotonous job meticulously. The empty truck circled around once more, and came to the caterpillar truck, waiting for a refill. And so the dance continues until their job is done.

What are the lessons we can learn to make a resolution this year that lasts more than two weeks? Here are some lessons I learned as I watched the dance of the trucks. Perhaps, you will discover some of your own that make it a lasting resolution.

My Ponderings

Be satisfied. Live simply. Want just enough.
Be slow to bargain.
Be patient. Please, no road rage!
Be focused on your own goal. NO need to be a busy-body about other’s goals.
Be meticulous, even if your work is monotonous.
Be free from envy.

Happy New Year

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