The Apple Tree

by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald, SND. on 06/03/2016

in Ordinary Time

Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time — Cycle C

June 5, 2016

“Young man, I tell you, arise!” (Lk  7:14b)

The Apple Tree

Yesterday, I walked a ways with the weightedness of carrying the world’s worries on my shoulders.
Down the drive, past the stone fence, up the hill I walked. Weighted worlds had worked their way into the soul of me. Trapped down there, I needed the sky to lift me.

Head raised to meet sky’s wideness, I saw an apple tree naked and unashamedly stretching its   limbs skyward in the freedom of its Fall of year.

Four red apples hung tenaciously to top branches; stubbornly, they had weathered spring rains;
scorching summer sun and wind whipped November days.

Contentedly, they clasped the branch where they were born, budded and blossomed.
Now weathered, they withered on the branch.

I wondered; were they fearful of the free fall to earth?
Others had fallen before them; wind shaken or man shaken, they tumbled to earth.

Sometimes giggling girls picked them, peeled them and sauced them into something special sprinkled
with cinnamon.

More often, the apples return to earth naturally.

No struggle, no fight, allowing sting of bee honey them into new life.

Why do you wait to wither without transformation?

Is it the free fall, the munch, crunch, the peel, the sting?

Let go.

Whistle for the wind.

            Let go!

Free fall,

 Fall free in sweet surrender.

For Reflection and Sharing:

  1. Why do some people avoid thinking or talking about death?
  2. How do you help those who fear death?
  3. What do you need to do before you are waked?
  4. How do the readings tap into this year of mercy?
  5. How does the poem of an apple tree symbolize today’s Bible readings?

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Sr. Renetta Graff June 4, 2016 at 2:30 pm

Thank you for the simple yet deeply meaningful reflection.


Valerie Pinney June 4, 2016 at 5:56 pm

One of my favorites! This spoke to me so clearly. Thank you!


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