Three in One

by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald, SND. on 05/24/2016

in Feasts Celebrated on Sunday

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity Sunday — Cycle C

May 22, 2016

“Holy Spirit, come and live in us; renew your people and all creation, Alleluia.” (Psalm 114)

Three in One

Mysterious are you, Holy Trinity.
Revealed in acts of creation, redemption and inspiration,
Abba, Father, Word made flesh, Spirit Breath of God,
I AM, who has no beginning and no end, we believe in you; Help our unbelief.

Father, Creator Spirit of heaven and earth, sea and sky,
water creatures and coral, under the sea where few see the beauty.

Son, Word made flesh, agape love,
moving him to die, so we might live forever in God’s heavenly Kingdom.

Spirit of God, our advocate, ever present in our souls,
to rule and to guide,to distinguish truth from falsehoods.
Mysterious Godhead, establish all nations with your peace and harmony.


For Reflection and Sharing:

1. On a scale of 0-10 where would you place yourself on the scale of devotion to the
Trinity? Why did you make the placement? What did you learn about yourself?
2. When did you receive this Godhead in your spiritual journey? When did you begin to realize how awesome it is to be the Tabernacle of the Most High God?
3. Which of the gifts of the Holy Spirit do you need most? Why?
4. How do you address God in your prayers?
5. How does this naming of the God Head help you recognize your own spiritually?
6. Which of the fruits of the Holy Spirit do others see in your words and actions?

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