by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald, SND on 05/13/2018

in Easter

“Jesus said to his disciples: Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15 )

Feast of the Ascension, Cycle B

This day Jesus, the Good Shepherd, leaves earth and ascends to heaven.
Mary, the apostles and disciples climbed the mountain, like sheep following a shepherd.
Reaching the top, the group listened attentively to Jesus’ last words.

A second seeming death, one of final separation, descended upon the followers
of the Way.
As they gazed upward, a cloud began to envelop their beloved Shepherd.
Many had journeyed in his footsteps,
now they watched as his feet became one with the cloud.

All gazed, eyes searching in that last glimpse.
Mixed feelings of awe, sadness and yet unspeakable joy flooded their hearts.

“Two men dressed in white garments” interrupted their stupor. “Men of Galilee,
why are you standing there looking at the sky?” (Acts 1:11a)

This day Mary became their Shepherdess!
She nudged Peter and all followed Mary down the mountain,
The Shepherdess led them to the upper room to await the Holy Spirit.
Jesus had given them a mission. Preach, teach, heal.
Share the Good News to all the nations.

And you dear followers of Jesus, do you find yourselves,
standing in a stupor, caught up and stressed out?
You, too, have been baptized with a mission.
With unspeakable joy embrace your discipleship.
Preach, teach and heal with your giftedness
from the Holy Spirit.

For Reflection and Sharing:

1. To whom is Jesus sending you to share the gospel?
2. How will you accomplish this mission of preaching, teaching and healing?
3. Where is your upper room and how will you prepare for the Spirit’s coming?

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