Deaf and Mute

by Sr. Juliemarie McDonald, SND on 09/07/2018

in Ordinary Time

Twenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time Cycle-B Blog

“Ephphatha!” (that is, “Be opened”) (Mk 7:34b)


Deaf and Mute

Do you ever wish to be deaf to the noises of the world?
Bombs bursting in air,
Shells whizzing past your ear,
Politicians making promises they don’t intend to keep,
Cries of the hungry.
Noise breaks sound barriers. Tired of listening, we turn the sound to off.

Closer to home and family, pray to be deaf. What? Yes, pray for the silencing of:
• Profanity,
• Criticism,
• Arguing,
• Mean and unforgiving words.
Lord, help me to hear your commands of:
• Love of God,
• Love of neighbor.

“Ephphatha!”– “Be Opened”

Lord, make me mute to:
• Lies,
• Gossip,
• Slander,
• Unkind words,
• Angry words.

Grant me the graces I need to find words of:
• Praise,
• Thanks,
• Compassion,
• Forgiveness,
• Mercy,
• And finally, always kind, uplifting words.

“Ephphatha!”– “Be Opened”

For Reflection and Sharing:

1. What are the most difficult noises surrounding your day?
2. When do you have time to switch the off button to noise?
3. How do you react to noise that breaks the sound barriers?
4. Which “closer to home noise” needs to be prayed about and reformed?
5. How can you put a stop to the examples in the “prayer to be mute?”
6. Which grace do you need most to practice uplifting words?

I have often lamented that we cannot close our ears with as much ease as we can our eyes.  ~Richard Steele

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