Do’s and Don’ts of Discipleship

by Sr. Juliemarie McDonald, SND on 08/10/2018

in Ordinary Time

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time-Cycle C

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God…” (Eph 4:30a)

Do’s and Don’ts of Discipleship

“I sought the Lord and he answered me…” (Ps 34: 5a)

“…blessed the one who takes refuge in God.” (Ps 34: 9b)            

It is written in the Prophets: ‘They shall all be taught by God.’ (Jn 6:45)


            St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians teaches the people the do’s and don’ts of

Discipleship. If we ignore his lesson we grieve the Holy Spirit. What are these do’s and don’ts?


Don’t be bitter

Don’t be furious

Don’t be angry

Don’t shout

Don’t revile

Don’t be malicious


Do be sweet as honey

Do act with calmness

Do be peaceful

Do speak in a moderate tone

Do be good

Do be kind

Do be compassionate

Do Forgive

“Let that guilt goad you into change.” Anita M. Constance




For Reflection and Sharing:

  1. In what ways do I grieve the Holy Spirit?
  2. What is the goal I most need to reach?
  3. Who will help me get to this goal and make it a habit?
  4. What are the ways and means to live the life of God-like love?
  5. What was it that got me off on the wrong path?
  6. What is the difference between believing God’s words and trusting them?
  7. Don’ts make for conflict. When will you stop grieving the Holy Spirit?
  8. Where in the many ways, places and relationships do you find nourishment?

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