Miracle Makers

by Sr. Juliemarie Mcdonald, SND on 07/29/2018

in Ordinary Time

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time–Cycle C

July 29, 2018

“The hand of the Lord feeds us; he answers all our needs.” (PS 145:10-11)

Miracle Makers

The multiplication of loaves and fish happened because of a generous, sharing little boy.

Spot lighting Jesus, who is testing the faith of the disciples he asks, “Where will we enough food to feed the crowd?”

Enter from left:

Philip has a suggestion. “Just buy some food for these thousands.” Notice Jesus did not give him charge of the money bags. Sheepishly noticing the other disciples’ reaction he adds, “Of course it would cost thousands of dollars. We would have to work a long time to raise that kind of money.”

Enter from right:

Andrew has a more practical idea, “Just ask the crowds if anyone has food to share. With such a large crowd of people, surely someone will have food to spare.”

Crowds sitting on the hillside:

The crowds squirm a bit covering their baskets thinking, “If I share this food, I won’t have enough for my own.”

Standing up from the middle of the crowd:

The little boy, a miracle maker shouted out, “Over here, I have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.”


The crowds burst into laughter at such a small sharing. Jesus did not laugh, but motioned the crowd to sit. To his disciples he commanded, “Divide it among you.”


Looking questionly at the other disciples then to Jesus ask: “Divide what?” Realizing once more their foolishness, they began to divide the food as Jesus commanded. To their amazement when they broke the food into pieces over and over again. Everyone had their fill and there were leftovers.


“Let’s not waste anything. Gather the fragments.” Surprised and awed was the crowd, when they saw twelve baskets had been gathered!

Little boy:

“Wow, what a miracle!” Little did he realize, that because of his sharing he became a miracle maker.


For Reflection and Sharing:

  1. What are the benefits of sharing?
  2. What are some of the ways we share with others?
  3. What seems to happen to the one who gives? To the one who receives?
  4. How have you shared your time and talents in the past?
  5. What will you share in the future that you have yet shared?

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